Saturday, November 14, 2009


X-Team(not including any gay team members) is recruiting 2 more members RIGHT NOW !

X-Team is a DotA team which active in Garena.

Anyone who want to join must be study in CHKL ( 3Zhong , 3Xiao , 3Ren )

Contact .[EX] if you are interested .

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have found a CS clan to alley with us... It is Flawless a.k.a FL.Gaming...

More about FL.Gaming's information...Please click on the logo of FL.Gaming beside...

Goodluck to them and goodluck to us too...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

.[EX] bought his mouse !

Razer Salmosa [The Speed Of Light] RM129.90

.[EX] : Although it is the cheapest in Razer mice , but it is GOOD enough for me !

Friday, August 7, 2009


All of us are now INACTIVE.

Anyway Friendship forever ~!
-Good Luck to Our Clan-

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yeah ~!

.[ZX] used Ursa had broken the fountain when playing Garena Pub Game !!
PrO~My IdoL~Lolsss~

GayX™ Members' Info

Name : XiHao , DaiLou

Name : Popoku

Name : Wayne

Name : Rewn , [KS]Lord^^

Name : Chong


Name : ZhenHao , Dr3aMShn3

Name : ZhongHao , [KS]Captain^^

Name : Duster

Name : Monkey

Name : ZhongWei , [KS]Leader^^


Name : YW

GayX™ Members

Clan Lord : gayppl

Captain : .[MX] (.cff8D38C9[MX])

Organizer : .[EX] (.cff0000ff[EX])

Examiner : .[FX] (.cff15317e[FX])

Examiner : Tommy^^

Squad Leader : .[ZX] (.cff736AFF[ZX])

Squad Leader : .[Zx] (.cff0808ff[Zx])

Squad Leader : .[LX] (.cffFF00FF[LX])

Squad Leader : g@ybear

Elite Member : .[TX] (.cff0000ff[TX])

Elite Member : .[GX] (.cffC68E17[GX])

Elite Member : .[CX] (.cff306eff[CX])

Clan guest : seigaylou , han01833